Vitals (BETA)


Currently in BETA

The Vitals tab displays available vitals data by date. The following vitals will be displayed in the Vitals tab and overview:

Blood Pressure
Respiratory Rate
Head Circumference*
*Some vitals will only appear if available. If no data is available, there will not be a row for these measurements.

By default, the component will display up-to the 5 most-recent dates with a vital measure. Additional vitals can be viewed by selecting from one the pre-set date ranges available, including All Time to view all available vitals for a patient. Ordering of the columns can be reversed by changing the Date Sort.

Overview Card

The Vitals overview card all available vitals for the most recent date data is available.

โš ๏ธ Data Notes

Vitals are grouped by date in the Vitals table. In the event that vitals were taken multiple times in the same day, such as a hospitalization, the vitals from that day are averaged in the table. For the full listing of non-averaged vitals, view the related source document.

If a patient is seen and has two heart rates taken on the same day:

  • 75 BPM and 85 BPM.
  • The vitals component will show 80 BPM.

If a patient is seen and has two weights taken on the same day:

  • 75 kg and 167 lbs.
  • The vitals component will display whichever value is most recent because the two values have different units. Units are not normalized and values with different units are not averaged.