The ZAP Overview

The Overview is your landing spot when opening a patient's ZAP. It provides a single summary view of select patient records.

The overview includes the following cards:

  • Conditions: Chronic Conditions and acute HCCs
  • Medications: Medications with prescriptions or fills within the last 6 months
  • Selected Labs: Most recent Metabolic or CBC Panel and A1C
  • ED & IP Visits: Emergency and inpatient visits from the past year.
  • Most Recent Vitals: Displays most recent available recorded vitals
  • Package information: Outside records sources and refresh information

The information icon at the top right of each card explains what information is summarized in the overview.

Items listed in each card can be clicked to open a side panel with more details. Each overview card shows a subset of the available records. To see the full view of a given record, click on the link at the bottom to view all.