Learn clinical workflow basics for the ZAP in athena


The ZAP in athenaOne gives you access to the data that Zus has on your patient and is accessible via the applications tab on the patient chart.

Tips and Tricks

How to enable the ZAP

Once the ZAP is enabled, you can access it by clicking on the "Apps" tab in the left menu of the athena patient chart.

Usage tips


The ZAP does not automatically refresh when you switch between charts.

If you open the ZAP for one patient and switch patients without closing the ZAP by clicking the "X" button in the ZAP window, the same ZAP will remain open regardless of what patient chart is open. You can verify the patient's name in the ZAP window to ensure you are looking at the right data.

Adding data to the athena chart

You can add Conditions from Zus to the athena Problem list using the "add" button that appears when hovering over an item on the conditions list.

Data from the athena chart will appear in Zus with a checkmark to help you quickly understand what data are already in the patient's chart.