The Diagnostics component allows providers to understand a patient's diagnostic reports (i.e., labs, imaging, clinical studies, etc.) over time.

Providers can:

  • See chronological, deduplicated* diagnostic tests from your organization and other providers
  • View results for each diagnostic test (e.g., full results for lab analytes within a panel)
  • View source documents that included diagnostic tests and results

Diagnostics List

The red dot to the left of the "Diagnostics" title indicates the presence of new data. New diagnostics are displayed in bold font. Diagnostic reports for labs which have historical trend data available will show the arrow indicator and supplemental text above.

If you believe a diagnostic report is not relevant for a patient, you can click "Dismiss" to remove it from the Timeline View. Select "+ Add Filters" and click "Show Dismissed Records" to show dismissed diagnostic reports, which will appear in gray font.


Click on a diagnostic report to see its results. For labs this includes analyte values and reference ranges, when available.

Clicking on the "Source Document" link shows the clinical document the diagnostic report was extracted from.

You can also view trends over time for select lab analytes. The “Trends” option will appear if a patient has at least two values for a lab and has been created in Zus after 7/19/2023.