The Medications component allows providers to manage patient medications and easily reconcile outside medications. The Medications component leverages summarized medication histories including prescription and fill data, medication reconciliation events from other providers, and historical medications.

Providers can:

  • View and manage a de-duplicated list of active and historical medications reported by your organization and other providers
  • See a chronological history of medication prescriptions, fills, and reviews by your team or other providers
  • Easily reconcile and add medications from outside sources to your own medication list

Medications List

The Medications List contains medications your provider team added as well as medications external providers have recorded and are not in your medication list.

  • The Medications List will be blank if Zus did not find medications in a patient's medical history or if your organization has never requested medical history for a patient through Zus.
  • If a conflicting determination is reported from an external medication (e.g., your record says Albuterol is inactive but a newer report says it's active), your record's information will still be displayed as-is in the Medications List and the history for this medication will display the conflicting external record.

Medications Details

  • The Details box shows a summary of the latest information available for that medication.
  • Medications History is available for any medication from your organization and external providers.
  • History shows all individual records in the ZAP associated with a given medication, including prescriptions, refills, and medication reviews. Expanding a record provides additional available detail such as the prescribing physician, days supply, and pharmacy. If a source document is available, it'll be notated with an icon and linked.

Managing Medications

  • Medications can be added to your record from external records using the "Add" button. The form allows you to edit the status and instructions before saving to your record.
  • Zus offers the following statuses: active, completed, entered in error, intended, not taken, on hold, stopped, and unknown. Entered in error is equivalent to a soft delete. This is the status that will be placed on any medications you choose to remove from your Medications List.
  • Once added to your record, these medications will appear with a check mark to the right of the medication name. Currently it is not possible to remove medications you previously added to your chart.
  • If you believe an external medication is not relevant for a patient or was entered in error, you can click "Dismiss" to remove it from the Medications List. Select "+ Add Filters" and click "Show Dismissed Records" to show dismissed medications, which will appear in gray font. The dismiss action can also be reversed.