The Documents component contains all clinical documents retrieved for a patient. Providers can access these source documents and view information not yet incorporated into the ZAP.

Users can:

  • See a deduplicated, chronological list of documents from your organization and other providers
  • Open each document in a modal by clicking on the row in the document list
  • See and navigate a table of contents of each CDA document
  • Identify the different types of documents available as indicated by an icon. Types include:
    • CDA
    • PDF
    • Image (PNG or TIFF)

*Note: Some document duplicates may still surface if patient history has been requested for a patient multiple times with a short time frame. We will consider improving our deduplication over time.

Documents List

The Documents list shows documents from your organization and outside provider records, summarized by title, encounter date (where applicable), date retrieved, and author, so users have a simple, deduplicated documents list to review.

  • Note: the Documents list will be blank if Zus did not find any matching records for a patient or if your organization has never requested medical history for a patient through Zus. If no documents are in the list the Document tab will appear in grey.

Row Actions:

  • Row Click: Clicking a row in the document table will open the document in a pop-up window.
    • 💡Holding down the Ctrl key (or Cmd key on Mac) while clicking on the document link to open it in a new browser tab.
  • View Details: will open a side panel with additional details about the document along with a link to open the document in the same way you can open it by clicking the table row.
  • Mark as New/Viewed: You can mark a new document as read by clicking "Mark As Viewed" above or by clicking on the document to view its details, which automatically marks the document as viewed. Once you have viewed the document you can mark it as viewed if you need to.
  • Dismiss: If you believe a document is no longer relevant for a patient, you can click "Dismiss" to remove it from the Documents list. Select "+ Add Filters" and click "Show Dismissed Records" to show dismissed documents, which will appear in gray font.

Document Details

The document details contain a summary of key metadata, including status, the originating organization, and any notes that may be available in the document.

Document Viewer

CDA documents will be rendered in Zus's document viewer. In the document viewer you'll be able to do the following:

  • Navigate the contents using the Contents menu at the top of the document
  • Scroll through the contents of the document
  • Expand and collapse individual sections of the document
  • Print the document or Download the XML